Buyer Guide

The Timeline at a Glance

Find an Agent

Did you know a real estate agent is free for the Buyer? The Seller pays the Buyer’s agent commissions.

A real estate agent is your partner throughout the entire process. Give us a call!


Before you are able to submit an offer there are a few preparatory steps to gather the necessary documentation. Complete this checklist beforehand and you will be in a great position when the right property presents itself.

Buying a Property with Financing

1. Check Your Credit Rating
2. Explore Mortgage Options
3. Decide on a Down Payment
4. Prepare a Green File
5. Apply for Your Pre-Approval Letter
6. Acquire a Proof of Funds Letter

Buying a Property with Cash

1. Acquire a Proof of Funds Letter
2. Review Your Cash Purchase Plan with an Agent

The Search

Once the necessary preparations are complete, it’s time to find the right property for you.
Establish Your Search Parameters
Your Salas Properties agent can help you get to know the neighborhoods, complexes, or subdivisions that interest you. Looking for a boat-friendly community? Walkable to the beach? An area prime for investment? The team is designed to advise on a wide array of real estate interests.
If you are buying from afar the Salas Properties team is on the ground and available to provide videos, community insight and a first-hand view into the area of your interest.
Submit an Offer!
Offer, Escrow, Etc.

Writing an Offer

Your Salas Properties agent will guide you through the offer writing and post-offer process. Your agent is able to advise and help you set a price using recent sales in the area, days on market, and property condition. If you are not a local Buyer, this offer submission is easily done through electronic signatures.

What is the Escrow Account?

Escrow is an independent “stakeholder” account and acts as the vehicle by which the interests of all parties involved in the transaction are protected. The escrow account is created after you execute the contract on your property and it becomes the depository for all monies, instructions, and documents pertaining to the sale.

How long is the Escrow Process?

The length of this process is determined by the terms of the Purchase Agreement. Typically, an escrow is 30 days, but this period of time can range from a few days to several months, it is all dependent upon the contract terms.

Property Ownership

Whether you have purchased a primary or secondary residence, an investment property, intend to rent, remodel, or more, there are a few simple follow-up steps to safeguard your investment and the property itself.
Post-Closing Checklist
  • Home Warranty: A home warranty acts as insurance for home systems and appliances. If you are moving into an older property or would prefer an extra layer of protection against unexpected occurrences, this is where the home warranty comes into play. Sometimes a Seller will include a year of this coverage, but if not, your agent will be able to recommend options.
  • Property Type Tax Implications: Keep an eye out for supplemental taxes during the first year of ownership.
  • Eye on the Market: It’s always a good idea to periodically check-in with your agent to assess the value of your home and revisit your initial goals with the property purchase. There could be potential for rental income, a rise in value worth noting, or certain market trends affecting your investment growth.
  • Historic Property Research: Salas Properties is a respected local source for historic property research. Our team helps to navigate the nuance of municipal restrictions and building codes as they relate to historical properties. The wealth of resources and experience at Salas Properties gets you one step closer to creating your dream property.

Coronado Cays

Coronado Cays is a bayside marina community along Silver Strand Boulevard. Located south of Coronado Village and Coronado Shores, homeowners in Coronado Cays enjoy San Diego Bay views, a short walk to Silver Strand beach, and in most cases, the opportunity to experience private boat slips right outside their doors. The location of Coronado Cays at only four miles away from central Coronado makes it easy to pop over the bridge to Downtown San Diego, and return to a bayside retreat for evening views of the city.
The larger Coronado Cays community hosts several property styles and neighborhoods to suit a wide range of interests, requirements, and amenities. Coronado Cays homes for sale present a lifestyle well suited to residents who prefer a life lived dockside with more than 900 boat slips and 5 recreation centers across the area.
Coronado Cays Neighborhoods

Jamaica Village. Caribbean style homes with access to a bayfront clubhouse, pool, and sandy beach.  

Green Turtle Cay. An exclusive waterfront community with custom homes and the option to include a private boat slip(s).  

Antigua Villas. A collection of waterfront condominiums designed for life on the water. Each unit is equipped with a private boat ship and use of the Pavilion clubhouse and pool. San Diego waterfront living is epitomized in the ability to walk from your living room to the boat deck in a few steps. Ownership includes dock and warfage rights. 

Bahama Village. Unique waterfront townhouses and larger family homes within a few steps of the waterfront. Homes for sale in Coronado Cays’ Bahama Village section include access to the Pavilion clubhouse, pool, and option to purchase a boat slip.

Trinidad Village. Spacious waterfront townhouses and family homes a short walk from the water. The Trinidad Village community has access to a clubhouse and pool alongside the Kingston Village community. Boat slips are available along a neighborhood waterfront promenade. 

Kingston Village. The Kingston Village community has access to a clubhouse and pool alongside the Trinidad Village community. This neighborhood is home to elegant waterfront condominiums, each with its own private boat slip.

Montego Village. Enchanting resort-style condominium homes with tennis courts, clubhouse and pool. Boat slips are available for rent by any Cays resident.

Blue Anchor Cay. Exclusive community of spacious, luxurious waterfront custom homes with individual private boat slips. Own exclusive private boat slip, if desired. Pay annual lease fee for wharfage rights.

Port Royale Village. Townhomes, all fronting on San Diego Bay.

Mardi Gras Village. Single Family detached Caribbean-style 2 story homes and patio homes which some are of the water and some with ocean views.